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🌲 Christmas TreesOur real Christmas trees are here!! Stop by the store and get yours! 🌲

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Real Christmas Tree & Fresh Greens Care

Discover expert tips on caring for your live Christmas tree. Keep your tree vibrant and healthy throughout the festive season with our easy-to-follow guide on watering, positioning, and maintaining your live Christmas tree.

Indoor and outdoor Christmas Trees with lights on

Congratulations on purchasing a real Christmas tree.

Remember, a Christmas tree is a living thing, look after it as carefully as you would a cut flower.

  • If you buy your tree several days before you plan to set it up, store the tree outdoors on a cool porch or patio until you are ready to decorate.
  • When you bring the tree into the house for decorating, make a fresh cut across the trunk of about an inch. Use a tree stand that holds plenty of water.
  • Trees are thirsty. They may drink up to four litres of water per day, so be sure to check daily and supply fresh water as needed. A stand which holds at least a gallon of water and preservative to extend your tree life is recommended. Do not let your tree run out of water.
  • Place your tree away from fireplaces, radiators, TVs, and other sources of heat. Turn off the tree lights when you leave and before you retire for the night.
  • Avoid the use of combustible decorations. Check all electric lights and connections. Do not use lights with worn or frayed cords and NEVER use lighted candles on a Christmas tree.
  • Lastly, enjoy your tree, its beauty, character, and scent.

Merry Christmas!!