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Bring Your Yard to Life

Amazing Hanging Baskets

Add a splash of color to your yard with hanging baskets! From vibrant pinks and purples to subtle blues and greens, these cascading delights bring beauty, texture, and life to any outdoor space.

Purple flowers in a hanging basket

Each spring we plant around 3000 hanging baskets, for every type of location:

  • Full sun
  • Part sun
  • Part shade
  • Shade

Sun Loving

Wave petunias are a popular garden flower that bring vibrant colors and cascading foliage to your outdoor landscape. These annuals produce large clusters of flowers in shades of pink, white, lavender, and purple, creating a stunning visual effect.

Wave petunias in a hanging basket

Supertunias are a type of petunia that produces large, full blooms with vibrant colors. Supertunias are known for their long bloom season and ability to thrive when given adequate sunlight.

Purple supertunias in a hanging basket

Ivy geraniums are a type of flowering annual that is prized for its trailing habit and colorful blooms. These plants produce delicate pink, white, or red flowers and thrive in full sun, making them perfect for balcony or patio gardens.

Pink ivy geraniums in a hanging basket

Tumbler tomatoes are a unique variety of cherry tomato that grows in a spinning, cascading pattern. These small tomatoes burst with sweet flavor and grow in clusters of up to 50 fruits per vine.

Ripening tumbler tomatoes hanging in a basket

Shade Loving

Fuchsias are striking and colorful flowers that come in a wide range of colors. Fuchsias produce abundant clusters of flowers throughout the summer months and thrive in partial to full shade and prefer cool temperatures, making them perfect for shady borders or even indoor gardens.

Pink fuchsias in a hanging basket

Impatiens are a brightly coloured annual flower that thrive in cooler temperatures and require consistent moisture. They produce an abundance of vibrant blooms, making them perfect for sprucing up any shady area of your garden.

Red impatiens in a hanging basket

Begonias are a beautiful flowering plant with vibrant blooms that come in a variety of colors. They can be grown in a full sun to partial shade area, and prefer cool temperatures and consistent moisture.

Pink begonias in a hanging basket

How to Care For Your Hanging Basket

Baskets should be checked daily, in a sunny location a basket will dry our quickly.  To check, place your hand underneath and lift.  If it’s heavy do not water.  Baskets typically need water every second or third day.  Let your basket dry out between watering.

To maintain and encourage new colourful blossoms after you bring your basket home, fertilize with Nurseryland Power Bloom 10-40-25.  Mix Power Bloom in your watering can every 10-14 days.

Plant food and fertilizer for flowers and plants

Wave petunias do require a high demand of fertilizer in order for them to perform.  It is nearly impossible to over-feed a wave petunia.  We recommend Nursery Land Container Food 16-10-10.

During high winds bring your basket in or set on the ground to prevent damage.

Well cared for baskets will last the whole summer, bringing a splash of color wherever they are hung.