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A Plant in the Wrong Place

Understanding Weeds

Weeds can be invasive or merely a nuisance, with some posing a serious threat to your property and some just being an eyesore. It's important to use the right methods to control them.

Wild thistle growing in a yard

Most plants we call weeds are native to our prairies and survive well here. Some have been accidentally imported from other areas or countries, and grow too well in ours. Some are attractive and easy enough to pull out that they can be controlled and others must be eradicated regularly so we won't become overwhelmed.

Restricted weeds pose a serious threat and must be eradicated to prevent rapid spread. It is illegal to have them on your property.

Noxious weeds have the ability to spread rapidly and can cause severe crop loss. They should be controlled to prevent further growth spreading into cropland

Nuisance weeds are common to the province. They are found throughout the province, are often native, so are difficult or impossible to eradicate.

Lawn weed killers kill broad-leafed plants but not grasses.

Non-selective weed killers kill any plant they come in contact with. A popular brand is Round Up.